Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dreams Come True

Over the years, my choice of career has changed many times. Veterinarian, teacher, writer, zoologist, archaeologist, sports manager/trainer, photographer, and anything else that I thought was cool. But I was only real serious about two of those. Teaching and writing. I even went to college for Early Childhood Education. Well, two semesters but that counts, right? And now I have found my calling. Looking back, I realize that it was something I always loved to do and I am surprised that I allowed myself to forget.

I am a writer. I have always loved writing, ever since I can remember. Silly little short stories, fan fiction, role playing, etc. It has always been such a passion of mine. And hopefully soon, I will be a published author.

Yes, my dream has finally begun to come true. On Tuesday, March 11th, 2014, I received an email stating that Breathless Press (a WONDERFUL publishing company) wanted to offer me a contract for my very first book, The Grey Curse. I'll admit, I cried. Happy tears, of course. I mean, who wouldn't? After months of work on it, my "baby" is finally getting published!

I will, of course, keep everyone updated as the process moves along. As of right now, I am still waiting for the contract to hit my in-box. *Big happy sigh* I still can't believe it. My dream came true. I didn't give up, despite wanting to time and time again. 

That's how these things happen, you see? You keep trucking and NEVER give up. No matter what.

Fate knocked and I simply...answered.


  1. Fate gives us what we need...when the time is right, my darling boo. *hugs* So very proud and happy to be part of this journey with you. I knew you could it...<3

  2. *hugs tight* Couldn't have done it without you, Boo. <3 <3