Sunday, April 6, 2014

Authors and Bullying

Okay, time for a little rant. I apologize in advanced, but I feel that I need to get this off my chest. This absolutely breaks my heart. I don't know Ms. Daltry and I haven't read any of her books (my TBR list is a mile long right now), but I find this heartbreaking none the less. Authors are one big family. Or, at least, I feel that we should be. We're all the same, trying to make it in the writing world. And we should help and encourage each other, not tear other authors apart. The bullying needs to STOP! Some writers rely on their books selling to make a living. To put food on the table and in the mouths of their family. To keep the lights on and their homes warm/cool. But when so many people tear us down, it's debilitating. It not only affects the sales of our books, but we also begin to doubt ourselves. "Can I really do this? Is it worth all of the bad? Am I good enough?" And too many authors decide No.

 What is wrong with people that they have to tear down people like this? Is this how they get their kicks? Making a person doubt themselves and their talents until they're on the brink of losing it? Until they can't take any more and finally just give up and take everything down?

Well, I can tell you one thing. NO amount of bullying is going to stop me. I'm not doing this to sell millions of my books. I'm not doing this for myself, even. I'm doing this for my daughter. I'm doing this to be a good role model for her, to show her that she can follow her dreams. And the bullying? It'll be just another lesson in how people will try to tear you down, but don't let them. Hold your head high and focus on the good. Because there are good people out there. It may be hard to find them some days, but they're there.

I hope things get better for Ms. Daltry, I really do. I have yet to publish my first book, so the flying monkeys of evil have yet to descend on me. I hope that one day, she will be able to come back to the writing world.

To all authors. Here's my challenge for you. Encourage, support and help another author. Whether they be someone new or someone who's sold thousands of books. Treat them like family. Because that's what we are, really. One big family. If someone is feeling down, lift them up! This is how we can help stop bullying. By being better people and friends. By helping instead of hindering.
I really hope that my words help someone. Anyone.

[The link below is the blog post of Ms. Sara Daltry, stating that she is giving up writing (at least professionally) and is taking down all of her books and social media.]


  1. The sad truth is, If we give up, they win. Never give up or allow what a few nasty people say rule your life. Be strong. Stand your ground. People like this come and go but if you report them, ignore them, whatever. Just don't let them win.

    1. I completely agree. Don't let them win. If they continue to win, then they will continue to bully others.

  2. It is sad. All writers are targets. I noticed this when I first shared my work on various sites to get critiques. Some people were cruel. I decided for my peace of mind to do a 'scientific experiment'. I wrote a scene, and put it out there to be critiqued. I then took the same scene, worked with an editor until it shined, and guess what? The comments were harsher, not better.

    Remember it is not your writing they are talking bad about, it is their own fears and failures.

    Do not let a negative comment stop you from doing what you love.

    1. I agree. Some people out there are just doing it to hurt people. It doesn't matter how good or bad your work is. I have yet to receive any of these harsh critiques, but right now, I'm preparing myself. I know it hurts, reading those cruel words, but I won't let them tear me down. No one should. They should just take them at face value, see them for what they really are. The projection of the fears and failures of others.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I really hope that things are better for you now and that you continue to do what you love.